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 Nicewash Products Co., Ltd. is a 2 in 1 detergent with softener product manufacturer and distributor. We invent and design our products according to our concepts, and develop them with our end-user customers. After numerous experiments
our detergent plus softener brand, "Dtouch", was established in 2008.

  We understand the needs of our today customers that call for new innovations to meet their expectations on convenience, speed, quality and efficiency. Our objective is to develop new products that allows consumers to experience quality products at reasonable prices. Most detergents and softeners in the market come separately, resulting in consumers having to pay extra to make their clothes clean and smell good. We understand this problem and take it as an opportunity to develop Thailand's first detergent plus softener product.

 In addition to our detergent plus softener products, we have a range of other cleaning products, including herbal soap, laundry soap for socks, and dish detergent for grease removal, to cater for our customers' needs.

Currently, we have nationwide distribution channels. Our products are distributed through our wholesale and retail distributors, including various department stores, Villa Market, The Mall, Gourmet Market, Home Fresh Mart, Tang Hua Seng, Jae Leng, and typical online stores.

Missions and Goals

Sustainable Growth

In addition to fostering our product development to meet our customers' needs, we develop our people to ensure they are knowledgeable, competent and quality staff, and that we continue to grow together.

Customer Convenience and Rapid Services

We offer nationwide delivery services according to our customers' needs.

Continuous improvement

We constantly improve our products for our customers.

Quality Products

We apply manufacturing standards to ensure our customers receive quality products that are worth every cent.


Our ingredients are fabric-friendly. Our customers can be sure that our producs are safe and free of chemical hazards.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Some of our ingredients are naturally-sourced, and the rest are locally-sourced, to support the communities and create job opportunities for local people.

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